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Achieve Retail Analytics Success

Make your retail outlet efficient and successful with data-driven insights from every customer interaction

Profitably Improve Marketing and your Customer’s

SensiblyAI’s retail analytics focuses on providing insights related to sales, inventory, customers, and aspects crucial for merchants’ decision-making process

Discover Customer Trends

Recognize products and categories that resonate with your customers, Identify highest value customers so you can sharpen your marketing efforts and maximize ROI.

Optimize Sales Performance

Blend demographic data with shopping habits, preferences, and purchase history information, to create strategies that help proactive selling and personalized campaigns.

Manage Inventory Better

Use data to determine which products to order, their quantities. Optimize inventory to emphasize products customers need, reduce space waste and overhead costs.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce costs and maximize profitability with optimized resource utilization, get the information that matters on time, and act on it to stay one step ahead of the competition.

How does SensiblyAI work?

We designed a user-friendly interface that is easy to use, for everyone. It works seamlessly with existing or new hardware

Lightning-fast, plug, and play device

Connects well with with any leading security camera brands in minutes.

The cutting edge AI harnesses the power of your security cameras.

We designed SensiblyAI to be intuitive, for everyone.

See SensiblyAI in Action

Unleash the potential of your data to change the way you work, enhance the customer
experience, and grow your revenue

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SensiblyAI takes the security of its users' data very seriously. No video feed data is stored anywhere or shared with anyone. All the video feeds are processed on the device locally. The final anonymous data is stored on the cloud to be accessed in real-time dashboards from anywhere on any device.

Key use cases


Analyse footfall data and leverage the insights for marketing and improve resource utilization


Laser focus your promotional campaigns, improve selling experience and be proactive in sales.


Understand your in-store customer behaviour, understand their feelings expressions.


Provide an in-store experience based on the previous customer behaviour and surprise them with personalised experience


Detect anomoly in behaviour and protect your store from theft, shop lifting and other loss making activities.


Understand purchase patterns, shopping habits and other customer behaviour and modify store operations accordingly.


Malls & Big Shopping

Retail Store

Super Markets &

Stand Alone

Why Choose SensiblyAI?

SensiblyAI helps you make better choices, run businesses more efficiently, and
deliver improved customer service

It is device compatible. And can integrate well with your existing devices. You can use new camera devices also to gather data.


The most flexible platform to use analytics in every workflow, process and business application.You can integrate multiple locations, stores, facilities.

Created by Icon Fairfrom the Noun Project
User friendly

One platform for all skill levels. You can scale it across the departments to ensure everyone can harness the power of data.


One platform for all skill levels. You can scale it across the departments to ensure everyone can harness the power of data.One platform for all skill levels. You can scale it across the departments to ensure everyone can harness the power of data.

Explore Possibilities for your Data with SensiblyAI